Copper :: Vanity Sinks

Enhance your bathroom decor with our collection of handmade copper bathroom sinks. We offer 16 different round vanity sinks as well as the ability to custom make sinks to your specifications. Most vanity sinks are available as either surface mount, under mount, or vessel.

Spring Wreath BRCS101
Tropical flora and flowers set against a textured background crescendo into a rhapsody of sheer elegance. Our handcrafted Spring Wreath vanity sink is a subtly dramatic approach to incorporating the essence of spring into any motif. More>>

Starburst BRCS103
A burst of sunshine to lift your spirits and add an uplifting aura to your entire home. Our Starburst vanity sink will do just that with its textured finish and emerging design by evoking an aura that grasps your attention and a beauty that is difficult to deny. A perfect addition to a variety of subtly pastoral motifs. More>>

Aurora BRCS105
The breathtaking beauty of the borealis themselves are scarcely capable of evoking a similar sense of awe as the undulating swirls of our Aurora vanity sink. Unrivaled in its ability to heighten the drama of any room with a cascading pattern of tendrils that is pure artisanship personified. More>>

Tropical Retreat BRCS107
Swaying palm trees along a textured background whisper the fundamental elements of the most romantic island motifs. Dramatic and bold in nature, our Tropical Retreat vanity sink intrinsically conveys the essence of paradise with an intense passion that is impossible to resist. More>>

Petals BRCS110
A whimsical explosion of personality unfolds with the grace of a flower. Our Petals vanity sink is a perfect way to liven up your home with a burst of the most brilliant season of the year. The stunning silhouette of delicate petals against a textured surface combine to deliver an understated simplicity that is impossible to ignore. More>>

Grapevine BRCS301
Symbolic of the richly abundant and prosperous Roman lands of the past, the vitis design incorporated along the rim of our Grapevine vanity sink is certain to impart an undeniable sense of wealth. Bordered by two distinct twines that blend with a variety of motifs, this boldly stated sink will weave its way into the heart and soul of a room. More>>

Antique Rose BRCS302
Capture the strikingly delicate nature of the rose with our classically elegant Antique Rose vanity sink. This low relief carving of roses juxtaposed against an array of subtly stated leaves is the perfect combination of old-world charm with a modern twist. Timeless design uniquely handcrafted with your choice of finishes and patinas. More>>

Grecian Waves BRCS303
Liven up your vanity area with the inimitable sense of style of the Mediterranean ocean. Noble yet playful waves dance across the rim of our Grecian Waves vanity sink to add an artistic flair to virtually any décor. Capture your signature style from a choice of finishes and patinas to heighten the beauty of your entire home. More>>

Tropical Flowers BRCS304
Every day becomes a tropical getaway with our uniquely sculpted Tropical Flowers vanity sink. Transform your vanity area into paradise with a touch of exotic elegance designed to evoke the essence of the islands. This subtle and sultry infusion of flowers and foliage inspired by the mystique of the South Pacific will instantly warm any décor. More>>

Spartanika BRCS305
Functional beauty with a presence that cannot be ignored. Our Spartanika vanity sink is a classically designed work of art with an elegantly understated aura. Stoic and effortless by nature, this beautifully sculpted pattern strikes a perfect balance of powerfully stated minimalism. More>>

Asterisk BRCS308
No footnotes are required to appreciate the sinewy carvings and the hand smoothed silhouette of our exceptionally beautiful Asterisk vanity sink. Depth and strength adjoin in perfect harmony to envelop your senses with a breath of new life to heighten the splendor of your
surroundings exponentially. More>>

Bali BRCS310
The spirit of the Far East is as enticing as our Bali vanity sink itself. Your mood will soar with the graceful elegance of the dragonfly as this beautifully carved sink portrays a hypnotic sense of mystery that is irresistible and intriguing. Exotic essences and mischievous scenery infuse excitement into any motif. More>>

Hearthstone BRCS314
Abundant simplicity and charm are the cornerstone of our beautiful Hearthstone vanity sink. Pastoral gatherings jaunting across the rim of this sink are delicate in nature yet impossible to ignore. Designed to complement virtually any decorative element of your room and home and available in a variety of finishes. More>>

Classic Elegance BRCS319
Our Classic Elegance vanity sink is minimalist in design yet maximum in beauty. Heighten the allure of your entire home with the sleek and subtle finish of this eye-catching sink created for the connoisseur of sophistication and style. More>>

Hammered Elegance BRCS320
The name says it all. Hand sculpted distressed metal formed to express your affinity for fine décor. Exceptionally captivating with a full-bodied shape that is futile to resist and a seemingly effortless ability to radiate shades of reflected color throughout any room it inhabits. More>>

Barbed Wire BRCS330
Compliment your southwestern, Tex-Mex or any other desert motif with our Barbed Wire vanity sink. This rustically enthralling sink is a perfect way to add a sense of durable ruggedness to your home with a twist of distinct elegance. More>>