Stone :: Vanity Sinks

Masterpiece Sinks creates hand carved granite and marble sculptures which combine the elegant simplicity of Asian style with contemporary design.

Pompeii BLD-T009
A faultlessly formed chrysalis enfolded around a silky smooth vessel gives rise to a trilogy of contrast in shape, texture and color. Carved from ShanXi Black granite, our Pompeii vanity sink is remarkable from its multifaceted exterior to its effortlessly sleek interior. More>>

Tide Pool BLD-T012
Add a bit of romance to your daily routine with the charm and artistry of our hand carved Tide Pool vanity sink. Rich ShanXi Black granite and an innovative shape combine into a luxurious vessel that possesses old world charm with ample modern day appeal. Uniquely suited to a number of design and color schemes. More>>

Ivory Coast BLD-T017
Hand crafted from genuine Drama White granite, the multifaceted exterior carvings of our Ivory Coast vanity sink are a notable contrast to the clean, smooth finish of the interior. Subtle color to complement your existing vanity area and an uncanny ability to transform any room into a haven of luxury make this surface mounted sink a one-of-a-kind. More>>

Hexagon BLD-T020
A fusion of subtle honey colored streaks elegantly strewn across the body of an innovative design evokes an indelible impression of refined elegance and cutting-edge style. Our uniquely shaped Hexagon vanity sink, carved from genuine Rosin Yellow granite, gently introduces color and form into a variety of motifs and design schemes. More>>

Del Mar BLD-T026
Depth of color, a spacious pattern and an overall shape that personifies sophistication. Our Del Mar vanity sink exudes strength and artistry with smooth beveled edges, vivid interweaving markings and colors that culminate into an emotive crescendo of distinctive beauty. The abundantly rich color and classic shape are perfect companions to a wide array of decors. More>>

Wild Rice BLD-YA014
A kaleidoscope of surging shapes and a color scheme that is vigorous and modern. Our Wild Rice stone vanity sink utilizes a sense of depth and layers to create a provocative backdrop to any motif. Stunningly unique and boldly stated in every sense of the word. More>>

Grand Prix BLD-E011
Rev up the temperature of your vanity area with stylish grace and a modernistic twist. Our Grand Prix vanity sink is a hands-on favorite with a winning combination of smooth lines and a repeated pattern of contrasting white and black squares. More>>

World Cup BLD-E012
Geometric shapes set against a backdrop of stunning black are a perfect complement to our Soccer Bowl vanity sink.s subtle shape and sleek finish.  An ideal addition and a stylish upgrade to a variety of motifs.  More>>

Legacy BLD-E050
Hand carved onyx sets our Legacy design vanity sink into a class of its own with stunning tinctures of color interjected onto a peaceful backdrop of contrasting color. Rich tones of yellow and gold combine to add flair and character in luxuriant proportions. A substantially spoken statement of epicurean appeal and an ideal addition to any décor. More>>

Redwood BLD-E052
Carved from magnificent Wood Vein marble, our Redwood vanity sink is as individualistic as the majestic trees of its namesake. Uniquely set patterns and crisp markings lend an air of inimitable mystique to any décor with artistic flair and color. More>>

Prairie Wheat BLD-E057
Tinctures of rich honey blonde streaks jaunt across the body of our Prairie Wheat vanity sink adding a hint of color to a serene backdrop of golden cream. Softly stated functional hues are ideally suited to blend into any motif. More>>

Earth Tone BLD-E058
Electrify your senses with a surge of color and abundant style. Hand carved from genuine Peacock Granite, our Earth Tone vanity sink is certain to add a shockingly unique burst of beauty to your entire décor. Rich shades of nature collide with beautiful fissures to give each sink its own unique and vivid aura. More>>

Just Hatched BLD-GA003
Individuality with a commitment to artistic integrity. Our Just Hatched stone vanity sink captures the splendorous nature of Greek antiquities and combines it with a sense of modern shape and form. Ideally suited for even the most discriminate palate. More>>

Chocolate Swirl BLD-YA035
Mixtures of undulating tones of rich browns reverberate in symphonic bliss. Our Chocolate Swirl stone vanity sink progresses a variety of motifs into the realm of sheer perfection with the added benefit of aesthetic meticulousness. More>>

Santa Fe BLD-E039
Southwestern mountain lines and star-studded skies have finally met their match. With its oblong shape and natural charm, our Santa Fe vanity sink is a perfect way to wrestle up the rugged appeal of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. More>>

Tango BLD-XC001
Sophistication and style with considerable kick. Our exquisitely hand carved Tango vanity sink sinuously undulates with inimitable style and perfected form. Sultry lines and a smooth, sleek finish combine to embody a sense of decadent style that is yours for the taking. More>>

Gondola BLD-XC019
A contemporary design for the aficionado of symmetrical forms that convey a thousand words with a simple bow. Our convex shaped Gondola vanity sink conveys grand style with a simple gesture. Carved from ShanXi Black granite, its seductive form and depth of color
is a stunning combination. More>>