Masterpiece :: FAQ's

How should a Masterpiece stone basin be cared for?
Wipe the basin dry with a soft cloth after each use. Clean regularly with a granite or marble cleaner, such a Marbamist by Stone Care International. If using a household cleaner, make sure it is non-acidic. Stone basins need to be re-sealed once or twice a year with a product such as Stoneguard by Stone Care International. If a silicone sealer or plumber's putty is needed, use only on the underside of the sink. These products will stain the stone if applied near the surface of the polished basin.

How should a Masterpiece copper basin be cared for?

Caring for your Masterpiece copper bowl in any of our finishes is surprisingly easy. For Basic cleaning simply use a mild soap and water. Masterpiece copper sinks have a "non-living" finish, thereby eliminating the constant maintenance required by other copper sinks. No constant polishing or waxing is necessary to maintain the color of our copper sinks. Do not use copper cleaners, harsh abrasives or scouring pads. Any Oxygen or citrus based cleaners are fine to use on our sinks. Avoid contact with any product containing mineral spirits, lacquer, paint thinner or acetone such as nail polish remover. Also avoid exposing a Masterpiece sink to extreme heat ( i.e. hot cookware). Use of a protective grid is recommended to prevent excessive contact with hard surfaces like pots and pans which can wear down the finish.

Is there a warranty on the copper sinks?

Yes, Masterpiece sinks warranties its "non-living" finish for two years from purchase. This means that we guarantee the color of your sink to not patina like standard copper sinks. If it does we will make you a new one. This warranty does not cover damage from abuse that may strip the finish and expose the copper to the elements. This warranty does not cover installation or reinstallation fees.

Why should I buy a Masterpiece Sinks drain?

Our drains are specialized for our basins, ensuring both a perfect fit and warm finishing touch that enhances the luxurious look and feel of our bowls. Using the highest quality materials and workmanship, Masterpiece Sinks drains are designed to function at the highest level.

Does Masterpiece Sinks supply templates for the basins?

Because of the inherent variation in dimensions of our handcrafted basins (up to 1/2 “), we do not supply templates. We recommend waiting to receive your actual bowl before making any cuts in the counter top.

Does Masterpiece Sinks take special orders?
Customization of dimensions and drains is usually possible. We can give a price quote and estimated lead time upon request.

Can the copper bowls be under mounted?
With the exception of the BCS321 "Bowl" all Masterpiece copper kitchen and vanity sinks are available as an undermount.

What are the three finishes?
The three finishes include flat, egg shell and high gloss. The flat finish has very little to no shine or light reflective properties. Egg Shell has a slight shine or light reflective property to its finish and high gloss is very shiny and reflects light readily.